If you are a home owner in Northern California looking for an alternative to a standard air conditioner, a swamp cooler may be right for you. how evaporative coolers work- Chico CA- White Glove Chimney

How it Works

Before the use of modern air conditioners, summer nights meant the family sleeping on a screened porch. On especially warm nights, families would hang damp cloths over the screens for a cooling effect. The science behind this method of cooling eventually birthed the idea of evaporative cooling, or swamp cooling, which uses a natural process to bring air temperatures down as much as 30 degrees—water evaporation.

Fresh air is pulled through moist pads and pushed through the home with forced air from a large blower. The process of evaporative cooler is only possible in areas of thirty percent humidity or less, so they are common in desert areas, and other places with low humidity.

Is a Swamp Cooler Right for You

Swamp coolers are most commonly used in desert areas like Arizona and other areas with high elevation and low humidity like Wyoming and Colorado. Even though California has an ideal climate for swamp coolers, fewer than 5 percent of California homes use swamp coolers.

If you reside in Northern California and would like to use a more economic choice for home cooling, a swamp cooler may be right for you. What’s more, White Glove Chimney and Air Duct installs and services swamp coolers, so not only are we able to service your chimney, but also your swamp cooler.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

  • Swamp coolers use nearly 75 percent less electricity than an air conditioner. For hotter and less humid climates, the savings are likely to be even higher.
  • There is less technology involved with a swamp cooler, so they are substantially cheaper, and some utility companies offer rebates for customers who use evaporative systems.
  • Swamp coolers don’t require high amperage circuits like most air conditioners, so there’s no need to add additional circuits to the wiring, as they can plug into any outlet.
  • Swamp coolers add moisture to the air, which is especially nice for climates with little humidity, especially homes that use wood heat through the winter. The moisture is beneficial for wood furniture and fabrics, and also improves air quality in the home, filtering out dust, pollen, and other particulate matter pollution.
  • As a swamp cooler works, it constantly pushes air through the house, and out a vented window or door. This works in the same way as an exhaust fan, resulting in a complete air change every one to three minutes.
  • Evaporative coolers come in small and large sizes. Small swamp coolers require little installation, and large ones can use existing duct work in the house to distribute the air. To learn more about evaporative coolers visit Consumer Energy Center. If you are looking for an economic cooling system that is fairly inexpensive and easy to install and use, you should look no further than a swamp cooler. If you own a home or business in Shasta, Butte, Tahama, Glenn, or surrounding areas, White Glove Chimney and Air Duct can offer expert advice and professional services. Call today or schedule an appointment online.