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Swamp Coolers – Economical Cooling for Most of the Time


It’s 114° Out. Your Home is 77°. $60 a month.
That’s what a swamp cooler can do for your home or shop!
That’s a real-life statistic from a 1973 home in Redding in 2015.

A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, is a highly-economical alternative to the traditional air-conditioning system. These coolers run on fresh, outside air and require about one quarter of the electricity required to run a standard AC unit. There are modern models of Evaporative Coolers – these are not your Grandma’s cooler. They will work better in every way, consistently bringing your cooling power down about 10 degrees over the old, traditional swamp coolers. On a warehouse or shop there is no more effective way to keep the building comfortable. Imagine a system that meets most of your cooling needs under most of the summer weather conditions in the Northstate – for as little as $300 a year!

According to the Consumer Energy Center, swamp coolers work well in Northern California, even on the hottest, summer days. And in addition to all the money you save on electricity when utilizing a swamp cooler, they are also comparably inexpensive to install and maintain.

Environment Care

  • Use less electricity – Up to 90% less power consumption over typical refrigerated system
  • No CFCs or HFCs – There are no harmful gases – just fresh air
  • No greenhouse gases

Check out the energy chart from Breezair – our premium cooler from Australia:

Some of the features of a modern cooler can be:

  • 25 year warranty on the body
  • Self draining
  • Self closing
  • Pads that only need changing every 5 to ten years
  • UV lights to kill bacteria
  • Mineral build up sensors

As with all evaporative coolers they work best in low humidity. The home mentioned in the headline has a ducted cooler with up-ducts installed. These allow the cooled air to be released through the attic – cooling the attic with air you’ve already cooled – and reducing the amount of other openings needed for proper ventilation. White Glove sells and installs parts for most evaporative coolers.

More Cooler Options

We are always on the search for products that make life and the world a better place. As evaporative cooling experts we are often downplayed as Grandma’s cooler boys who can’t provide real comfortable cooling. But what if you could deliver fresh, dry, conditioned air, into your business, and in some cases your home, at 80% to 90% less power consumption than most AC units, using only water instead of harsh chemicals? — Meet the Coolerado!

We also carry Breezair, Aero-cool, Mastercool, Essick (Champion) and other brands of coolers to help you get the perfect system for your home or commercial building.

Compare Breezair models.

Now would be the perfect time to contact White Glove to take care of scheduling an appointment for all your chimney and vent service needs.

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