We Offer Swamp Coolers/Evaporative Coolers to the Greater Redding/Chico Area

Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, are a modern cooling system for your home or business. They are highly economical and environmentally efficient. Swamp coolers use the fresh outside air and clean water to cool your home. With the power to bring your home cool, dry air at a quarter of the electricity used to power AC units, Swamp Cooler is a clear choice. Here at White Glove Chimney & Duct, we offer the Coolerado and Breezair, which are top brands in the evaporative cooling industry. If you want a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional AC units, get in touch and order a new swamp cooler today!

If you need a new swamp cooler installed or just need us to take a look at the one you already have, fill out the form below to get started!  We will be in touch as soon as we can!

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I was recently tasked with finding someone to fix the evaporative cooling system at an apartment complex in downtown Redding. Typically these types of repairs are covered by insurance. However in this case after three different companies gave quotes for identical work orders, White Glove was the only one who’s bid was actually below the cost of the insurance deductible! Even after resubmitting their bids the other companies could not reach a similar figure. I would urge any commercial property owner to get a bid from this company. They are professional and their work is guaranteed.

Adams & Co.

It was a very hot day when the men arrived to clean our ducts — as well as to repair one vent (the man had to crawl under the house). They laid cloths down on the floors to protect them, were very efficient in their repair/cleaning. Then they also had to climb up on the roof to service our swamp cooler. All in all we are very satisfied with their work and would recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

Pat R

Thank You White Glove for handling the repair of our Swamp Coolers at my shop last summer! I really appreciate the people that you sent out and their professionalism. Our building is very old and you still provided a warranty on your work. I an writing this review after a long hot summer. My Shop was much cooler than the years past. Your Team will be recommended!

Andy Nilsen