If you want to make a major change to your chimney and fireplace system, now is the time. When winter begins, you may become busy and not want to make changes to the hearth. Get started now. Check out the top reasons to choose gas as your next fireplace fuel.


Using natural gas is better for the environment than using an electric heater or wood fireplace. Gas burns cleaner than wood, and is more efficient, so less particles, smoke, and gases are released into the environment.


Making the switch from wood to gas can save you money because gas fireplaces do not lose the kind of heat that wood fireplaces do. Also, gas fireplaces are great for zone heating which saves families hundreds in energy costs each year. Use gas to heat areas, or zones, of the home that are most used, and turn down the central heat in the rest of the house. Watch your energy bills go down as well!

Easy Installation

Gas fireplaces are easy to install. They can generally be installed anywhere depending on the model you choose. Some gas fireplaces are closed units that draw air and vent through a wall, and others are inserted into an existing fireplace and use the chimney. The options are endless, and once they’re in, they are easy to use.


In addition to easy installation, gas fireplaces are easy to use. Most are lit by a switch or button and are extinguished just as easily. This makes it easy to control the heat during a get-together or shut off the fire easily when it’s time to head to bed or leave the house.

No Mess

There is no wood to haul, split, or light when you choose gas. There aren’t ashes to clean up, and no wood dust floating around your home. When your gas fireplace is installed, it will likely come with a care plan in which a professional should service it annually, cleaning and checking parts. This type of maintenance helps to maintain your warranty.

No Creosote

When gas burns, it doesn’t produce creosote the way that wood stoves do. This means less frequent chimney sweeps to clean the flue and system. However, gas fireplaces do release a small amount of water vapor as they burn so it’s important to have the proper flue liner for your system.

With all of the benefits of gas, there is no reason to choose another fireplace. By shopping White Glove’s House of Fire and discussing your dream fireplace with a fire expert, you can choose the best model, style, and size appliance for your family. With gas, the possibilities are endless. Choose from contemporary or traditional styles. Choose everything from the facing, to the kind of ceramic wood burns in the hearth.

Stop by White Glove’s House of Fire, and get started today!