If you’re a home or business owner in or around Chico, California, you may have come across our name. White Glove Chimney & Air Duct has been operating in the area since 1977, bringing warmth into the homes of our customers, friends, and neighbors year after year. Our services include installations, certified inspections, repairs, sweeps, dryer vent services, evaporative cooler maintenance, and fire investigation services. In addition to our comprehensive chimney care, and other venting services, we are also proud of our impressive showroom in a new location: 3128 Thorntree Dr. in Chico, California.Visit Our Showroom, the House of Fire - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & Duct

Hearth Products

At our House of Fire, customers can expect to find the finest hearth appliances on the market. We sell fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, and you can see these products in action before making your final decision.
Fireplaces – At the White Glove House of Fire, you can see a fireplace in action, get a feel for the heat and convenience, as well as different design styles. We sell Fireplace Xtrordinair fireplaces and DaVinci Custom fireplaces, both quality brands and beautifully-crafted products. Whether you’re looking to fill a space in a room, supplement heat, or update your home before a sale or refinance, we can help by adding a new fireplace. Gas and wood fireplaces are both great options, and when you choose a wood fireplace, we’ll make sure it’s of the highest efficiency.
StovesLopi stoves come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cast iron look or a sleek contemporary one, we have what you’re looking for. Lopi gas stoves have realistic logs and vibrant flames, along with front and side viewing windows to bring it all together. You can also choose from pellet, wood, and electric stoves. Check out these quality products at the House of Fire.
Inserts – Whether you prefer gas, pellet, wood, or electric inserts, we can restore a drab and tired firebox with a new, highly efficient, and beautiful insert. Like fireplaces and stoves, inserts come in a variety of styles, and we have them displayed so that it’s easy for you to envision one in your hearth. Inserts look great set into a wall, brick, stone, or tile fireplace. When properly installed, these products are safe no matter where you want them.

Outdoor Products

Summer may be coming to an end, but fall is still a great time to use outdoor products like those we have at White Glove’s House of Fire. A new Saffire Grill will not only kick your end of summer cookout up a notch, but will also help out during all the upcoming holiday festivities. You can cook an entire meal in a Saffire Kamado grill, and this extra cooking space will make Thanksgiving prep all the more enjoyable. Ask a grill expert all about it when you stop by.

If you’re thinking about adding a fire product to your home, now is the time! A fire expert at White Glove’s House of Fire can help. Call 530-924-3164 or stop by.