There are all types of fire appliances to choose from–countless models, styles, and fuel types to keep your home warm. A popular choice among families here in Northern California is the gas wall furnace. They produce adequate heat, burn cleanly, and are out of the way. You can have a gas wall furnace installed anywhere that has wallspace, and anywhere that a gas connection can be installed.

Gas AppliancesWall Furnaces and cleanings

Even the cleanest burning fuel needs to be maintained properly. Gas burns cleanly and heats efficiently, but should be installed by a professional and serviced regularly. Gas can cause problems when installed, used, or maintained improperly. Drafting issues can cause too much moisture in the home, damaging furniture and wall coverings, and even exacerbating health conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Gas fires still require adequate venting, unless designed specifically to be vent-free. Gas wall furnaces do not have to be ugly, bulky, or plain-looking. We can set you up with a beautiful wall furnace that accents all the things you love about your home and decor. The gas appliance is not something that is installed and forgotten, however. No matter how low-maintenance and convenient your wall furnace is, it still needs routine maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When you schedule a service appointment for your gas appliance with White Glove, you can expect the best services possible. Our services reflect our values and our commitment. Nothing is more important to us than customer comfort and safety.

When you neglect your wall furnace, it can lead to accidental fire, moisture damage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. A simple service appointment every two to three years can prevent injury or death. Your unit will be checked over completely during this important appointment, which includes a thorough cleaning of the flue and heat exchanger. In addition to the wall furnace cleaning, you should contact PG & E regularly to inspect the gas connection in accordance with safety codes and product warranties.

Our Services

Our services reach further than just checking-over the unit and connections. We also service chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves. Whatever we sell and install, we also offer comprehensive care and maintenance. Hire our technicians who are licensed, certified, and trusted by industry leaders, homeowners insurance providers, and fire marshals.

Call White Glove Chimney and Air Duct today to schedule your service appointment. Call 530-924-3164 or request an appointment online. Our technicians may surprise you with their knowledge, professionalism, and care. We offer services year-round to insure our customers are ready when winter weather arrives. We arrive with visible badges and in uniform, and if we don’t arrive in our identifiable White Glove van, it’s not us!