Have you been grilling this year? Many people grow tired of barbecuing because the hassle of grilling less than perfect meats and making a mess during it. However, you don’t have to worry about this when you have the right grill. Choose a Saffire Kamado grill this spring and enjoy being the grill master all summer.

What is a Kamado?We Carry the Saffire Kamado Grills - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney

The kamado-style grill has been used for over 3,000 years in Asia. The earliest ones were made of clay vessels. They work like a stove, and that’s how they’re still being used today. The kamado-style grill can be used as a grill, oven, range, smoker, and more. The modern designs are made of ceramic. They also retain heat for long periods of time while also is very durable. Many companies have been adopting the design of these ancient vessels, but none of them are better than the Saffire Kamado Grills that we carry.

Unparallelled Advantages

When you choose a Saffire Kamado grill, you benefit from less flare-ups, ash, and charcoal waste. In addition, Saffire Kamado grills are easy to light and maintain, make better-tasting food, help your food better retain moisture, volume, and nutrients, use less charcoal, can cook or smoke for up to 18 hours with a single load of charcoal, and can cook at a wide range of temperature. You won’t even have to worry about burning your fingers on your grill anymore because the Saffire Kamado grill has a safe external temperature.

Our favorite perks of a Saffire Kamado grill are the following:

  • It has the Smokin’ Chip Feeder, which means no more opening the grill and letting heat out to reload wood chips.
  • Heavy-duty hardware means less wear-and-tear, less repairs, and longer lasting.
  • Enlarged ash capacity, which means less cleaning and a more stable base.
  • 304 stainless steel cart, which features a heavy gauge tubular design that is sturdy but can handle with ease.
  • It’s also equipped with stainless steel hooks and a towel bar.

Choosing Your Kamado Grill

The basic setups for a kamado grill can include a steel cart, a wood cart, or built right in to your outdoor kitchen. You can choose from three sizes including a 15 inch, 19 inch, and 23 inch grill, for your family’s needs. You can also choose from multiple cooking surfaces with the optional cooking grids and pizza stone.

If you’re still not convinced that you need a Saffire Kamado grill, then stop by our House of Fire showroom to see for yourself. You can bake your favorite homemade pizza, smoke a fish, barbecue for your family, and do it all without dirtying your kitchen or stinking of smoke all day.  Call White Glove at 530-221-3331 or stop by our showroom today