It may seem like you’re indoors a lot, but the stats tell all–Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors! This information from the Environmental Protection Agency, enforces the fact that home air duct systems should be cleaned on a regular basis. If they aren’t, we’re breathing the same dirty air 90 percent of the time. If there are serious toxins in the air ducts, the air we’re breathing will affect us more than we might think.

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The central air and heating unit may be one of the largest in your whole house–and it’s all connected. That means if there’s toxins or other bacteria in one part, its distributed throughout the home, along with the air. The filter, located at the intake vent, should be changed regularly in order to keep the air in the system clean. However, microscopic particles still get through, and if the filter isn’t changed or cleaned regularly, it can actually harm the system instead of help. Additionally, the central air and heat system is not a completely closed system. If there is a water leak in another part of the house, it can lead to mold in the vents. Rodents can infest the vents, and their droppings can cause all types of issues. Just like the visible portions of the home, the invisible parts need attention and maintenance too.

When to Clean the Air Ducts

If there is evidence of a problem in your central air and heating system, you should schedule an air duct cleaning.
Leaks – If you have experienced a leak, whether in the roof, kitchen, or bathroom, you may have gotten water in your ducts. You may see signs of a leak in the house, and might notice mold spores on the filter or on the vent covers.
Infestations – Rodents and bugs, big and small leave droppings and urine that leave bacteria and odors. This is then carried throughout your home for you to breathe.
Environment Pollution – Smog can affect your indoor air. Smoke from wildfires and various other particulate pollution can affect it as well. The air that’s inside your house comes first from outside your house, and then you breathe it. Smoke from wildfires can mean you need a duct cleaning and may require more frequent filter changes.

White Glove Cleans Ducts

At White Glove we can clean your air ducts one of two ways. Contact cleaning uses rotary spinning brushes that are connected to high-quality vacuum systems. This type of vacuum system prevents dust, dust mites, and any other particulate debris from entering back into the home. Negative air cleaning uses spinning brushes or air whips to loosen dust and debris which is then removed with a powerful vacuum. Both methods are effective and prevent damage during the process. Which one your technician chooses will depend on the size and need of the system in question.

Need help deciding what your system needs, what you can afford, and how important prevention is as we enter flu season? Check out our cost comparison chart. Call us at 530-924-3164 and schedule White Glove services today.