Your chimney may be the most hard-working system in your house. Whenever a fire is burning, it is working. It keeps the family safe and house warm all by using many different parts. Like anything that you depend on for safety and service, the chimney is susceptible to wear and tear. It needs routine maintenance in order to continue to work properly. Despite the durability, your chimney will not last if not properly maintained.

Routine Maintenance

Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend routine maintenance for the safest and most efficient chimney system. Routine chimney sweeps keep the system clean so that it can vent the fire efficiently. Annual chimney inspections allow a professional to assess the system, identifying hazards before they can cause a fire, carbon monoxide exposure, or result in a waste of money and resources.

CSIA Inspections Explained

Chimney inspections are categorized so homeowners schedule needed inspections without wasting money or time on an unnecessary extensive inspection.

Level 1 inspections are required annually when nothing has changed with the system, and no changes are planned. It is an assessment of all the readily accessible portions of the chimney and doesn’t require any special tools.

Level 2 inspections are required after a change to the system (installation, repair, etc.) or a natural occurrence affected the house (tornado, fire, etc.). Sale or transfer of a property requires a Level 2 inspection as well. If you are looking into purchasing a home with a fireplace, ask for the level 2 inspection. It includes everything in a level 1 inspection, in addition to hidden portions in attics and crawlspaces.

Level 3 inspections are the most thorough level and required when a serious hazard is identified. It includes everything in the level 1 and 2 inspections and may require special tools to remove components of the structure or chimney to access the hazard.

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Your home owner’s insurance most likely covers routine chimney inspections. A certified chimney sweep should also complete them. Your insurance company will require professional services the same way your automobile warranty requires certain routine maintenance. Inspections keep things working properly. During an inspection, chimney experts identify quick and affordable minor repairs. Homeowners avoid serious and costly repairs when catching and repairing minor damage early on. Inspections are one way to not only diagnose chimney issues, but also prevent them. Find out more about chimney care by speaking to a chimney expert at White Glove. We offer chimney services  year-round, and recommend inspections before burn season. Call today at 530-221-3331!