Chimney Services: Why Choose White Glove?

At White Glove, our goal is to ensure that you have a warm, safe and healthy home environment. If we don’t have the knowledge or skills to do our jobs correctly, we aren’t able to achieve our goal of keeping you, your family and your home safe. Because we want to protect you and deliver the best possible service, we understand the importance of continued education and put all of our technicians through extensive training and certification in and out of our own facility.

White Glove Professional Training

flueseason-trainingAll White Glove professionals undergo hands-on, classroom training, until they are confident in their knowledge and field of work. Each must then pass multiple examinations before receiving their CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) National Chimney Sweep Certification. After certification, we continue to train and educate and we encourage national certifications in the following areas:

  • Wood, gas and pellet-burning systems
  • Inspection
  • Fire investigation
  • Public speaking

In some companies, the owner is the only one with a comprehensive understanding of the service field, but because of our dedication to education and training, we know that all of our White Glove professionals are equipped to handle any situation and answer any questions you may have. You can be confident that you are getting a knowledgeable, high-quality service provider when a White Glove professional is in your home.

Hearth Services Overview

With our broad knowledge and various certifications, White Glove specializes in all things chimney. We conduct thorough stove and fireplace cleanings; chimney, fireplace and stove inspections (including those needed for insurance or real estate purposes); the sale and installation of all hearth types; complete chimney relining or resurfacing using high-technology and high-performance materials; as well as repairs in any of these areas.

What to expect when a White Glove professional comes to your home.

Unlike some companies, which only require CSIA certification for the owner, at White Glove, every one of our professionals is a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep. In the past eleven years, only six sweeps north of Sacramento have been CSIA certified. Three of those sweeps are White Glove professionals.

When it comes to fire safety, don’t put your family at risk by hiring unqualified sweeps promising low prices. With White Glove, you get guaranteed service from a licensed, insured and certified sweep at a fair price!

For your safety, all of our professionals come in uniform and badge, in an easily identifiable White Glove van.


three technicians in front of three white glove chimney trucks
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At White Glove, we also have an entire showroom in Chico dedicated to serving you and showing you the best hearth products in the market. We like to call it our House of Fire!