Identifying And Addressing Chimney And Fireplace Repairs

Chances are you haven’t stuck your head up your chimney lately to check out its condition. The real problem is that even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to get an accurate reading of your chimney’s health. Truth is, most fireplace and chimney problems are hard to pinpoint or identify without proper tools and professional knowledge. That’s why there’s White Glove.

When your chimney or fireplace is not working safely and efficiently, you can suffer physically and financially. We have over twenty years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing chimneys and fireplaces and can help you figure out what is causing problems. You can trust that we will conduct thorough, expert inspections on each visit. Your satisfaction is important to us and we stand behind our service.

Common Chimney and Fireplace Problems

  • Carbon monoxide is created when fuel is not used up entirely and can make its way into your home through leaks, cracks, or holes. It is not easily detected without professional tools as it is odorless, colorless and invisible. The effects of carbon monoxide on your health can range from sore throat and headache to asthma, permanent organ damage or even death. To keep your family protected from this toxic gas, we will conduct a thorough inspection for leaks and inefficient fuel burnings. We are here to ensure that your home is a safe and warm environment for you and your family.
  • Chimney leaks can be attributed to a number of causes, and should be taken very seriously. These leaks can allow water into the chimney structure, causing decay and structural deterioration. When your chimney is exposed to the elements in this way, its life is significantly reduced and the safety of your family is put at risk. There are many signs that point to chimney leaks, such as spalling, efflorescence and crumbling brick and mortar. We know what to look for and can quickly pinpoint the source of these leaks. We also have the skills and tools to make sure that these leaks are fixed and that future water damage is prevented.
  • Crown repairs are commonly needed due to age or improper installation and maintenance. The crown is situated at the top of the chimney and is meant to direct water away from the area. When it is improperly sealed or deteriorating, water is able to enter into the chimney, causing it to deteriorate. We will often check the crown first when there are reports of leaks within the chimney as this is a common cause and is inexpensive to replace.
  • Flashing repair is often necessary for a few reasons. Flashing is a series of layered, metal segments that cover the area where chimney meets roof. Because these metal segments are exposed to the elements, they are often victims of corrosion, wind-damage or animal-damage and can become ineffective over time. When the flashing bends, shifts, or separates from the roof or chimney, water can easily escape into the chimney, leading to serious water damage. It is important to have your flashing checked for damage or gaps, to ensure that your chimney is protected from leaks and their effects.

Whatever problems you are experiencing, we are knowledgeable and qualified and will help you get your chimney and fireplace back into perfect working condition.

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If your chimney needs to be relined, our knowledgeable staff at White Glove can perform this important chimney service.