The Importance of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the aluminum, stainless steel or copper lining that is designed to fit over the seam where the roof becomes the chimney. Because each chimney and roof are different, it is vital that the flashing be customized to fit with your particular chimney and roof. When the chimney flashing is not custom-fitted or properly installed, or when it is damaged, corroded, or bent by winds or animals, it can no longer serve the purpose of providing a watertight seal. Because flashing is typically made of metal, over time it can corrode and rust, creating holes and rendering it ineffective. Without effective flashing, your chimney is left unprotected from water-damage at its most vulnerable point.

chimney and roof intersection with white stains
Many serious structural problems are caused by water-damage, including mold, damage to exposed drywall, wood rot and chimney decay. In many cases, water-damage can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage before it is even detected by the homeowner. However, annual chimney checkups conducted by a White Glove professional can protect you from such costly endeavors.

How does chimney flashing work?

Chimney flashing consists of multiple, custom-fitted, metal segments placed under the shingles surrounding the chimney and along the wall of the chimney itself. Next, a layer of urethane caulking is used to seal and water-proof the area. Because the chimney flashing is customized to the individual roof and chimney, it is important to have it checked as the house settles and shifts and when having the roof re-shingled. Any shift in the home can create a space or gap in the flashing. This separation, no matter how small, can lead to big problems and extensive damage.

To ensure that your chimney flashing is properly sealed and doing its job of keeping the elements out of your home, have your flashing inspected today by a White Glove professional!

up close shot of chimney and roof intersesction
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