Identifying The Cause Of Your Problems

Whether you are experiencing the symptoms of a draft problem, a soot problem or a mechanical problem, we at White Glove do not simply address the warning signs, we address the origin. Many common problems can be due to flue obstructions, fireplace or chimney damage, pressure imbalance, leaks, gaps or holes in flashing, an improperly sealed crown, or atmosphere-related challenges. Whatever the source of your chimney problems, White Glove and our extensive network of hearth professionals and contractors are fully capable of pinpointing and fixing the issue. In fact, if your system is not working properly after being repaired by a White Glove Chimney professional, you don’t pay for our services.

Why Is My Chimney Smoking?

A smoking chimney can be a sign of several different issues. There may be a blockage in the chimney caused by animal debris or other matter. You may also be seeing the effects of creosote buildup. Creosote is created when fuel is burned incompletely. The buildup of creosote can lead to smoking or aesthetic problems and can also be a fire waiting to happen. Other possible causes are clogged screens and flue problems.

Where Is All Of This Soot Coming From?

Like creosote, soot is a byproduct of incompletely-burned fuel. This can be a sign of an inefficient fireplace that is perhaps not burning at the right temperatures. Soot can also be a sign of a blockage in the chimney that is causing air flow problems. Although soot is an ashy dust, it can contribute to greater air flow problems as it accumulates on the inside of the chimney. If the root of the soot is not addressed, you can expect continued production of soot and creosote as well as issues with smoke. As air flow is restricted, smoke is trapped inside of the chimney with nowhere to go but into your home and lungs. Not only can this cause serious health problems such as asthma and other respiratory ailments, inefficient fuel-usage can leave your wallet feeling down and out.

Why Isn’t My Chimney System Working Properly?

A chimney system is a complicated and intricate system, and should be properly maintained to prevent problems. No matter how good you are to your chimney and fireplace, deterioration and defects can arise with time and exposure to the elements. When you trust White Glove with your chimney system, you can be sure that we will address all aspects of the system, and keep it in healthy, working order year after year.

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Undetected problems with your chimney or other heating appliance may be allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to filter into your home, endangering the lives of your entire family. Let White Glove perform an inspection and all needed fireplace and chimney repairs to keep you and your loved ones safe.