Paint “N” Peel – The Fireplace and Chimney Stain Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Many homeowners simply accept that their fireplace or chimney will always be smoke stained. In the past, if your brick or stone fireplace was stained by soot or smoke, there wasn’t much you could do outside of applying harsh chemicals and exerting incredible amounts of energy scrubbing with a blotchy result at best. But now, with White Glove’s incredible Paint “N” Peel masonry stain removal product, you can remove years of stains and wear from your fireplace the fast and easy way.

How Paint “N” Peel Works

Whether your fireplace is made of stone, brick, marble, limestone, cultured stone, slate, tile or concrete, Paint “N” Peel can work wonders on your fireplace in just a short amount of time. To begin the process, one of our professional chimney technicians will start by taping off the area surrounding the fireplace. Once the surrounding areas are protected, the technician will completely paint the fireplace masonry with the product. The product will then be left on the masonry for anywhere from 6-12 hours, until it has completely dried into a rubbery layer.

When the product is completely dry, the chimney technician will peel it back, removing with it years of soot and smoke stains. Watch the video below to see how Paint “N” Peel works.

Why Use White Glove’s Paint “N” Peel Product?

Not only is Paint “N” Peel incredibly quick and effective, it’s also safe! Paint “N” Peel is an eco-friendly masonry stain remover. That means you can enjoy a clean fireplace again without worrying about your health or the health of your family.

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