The Power Of HeatShield®

Factory Trained HeatShield Dealer - White Glove Chimney & DuctIf you have a damaged or deteriorating clay or brick and mortar chimney liner, HeatShield® may be the perfect product for you. HeatShield® is what is known as a “cerfractory ® sealant material”, and doesn’t replace your liner; it simply repairs it. This product is unique in that it has the qualities of both ceramic and cement, making it high-performing and stable despite prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures. When mixed and applied properly, HeatShield® becomes a shield of armor for your chimney liner, defending it from water and heat and the corrosive effects of both.

White Glove professionals are trained and certified to apply HeatShield® and can help you decide if it is the right solution to your chimney liner problems.


What Is The Process?

If your flue needs to have a few cracks or holes filled, a HeatShield®- certified, White Glove professional will begin by creating a customized applicator blade to fit within the proportions of your chimney liner. This blade will then be positioned below each individual area being treated. As the HeatShield® mixture is applied to the specific hole or crack, the blade passes over the area, ensuring that the hole or crack is properly filled with product and the surface is smooth.

After each damaged area is repaired in this manner, a specialized video camera is fed into the chimney liner to ensure that everything is properly restored.

If your flue needs a complete resurfacing job, a White Glove professional will create a customized applicator blade and place it in the bottom of the flue. Next, a cleaner/primer is applied to the entire lining to prep for the application of the HeatShield® product. Once this primer is completely dry, the HeatShield® product is applied to the entire interior and the applicator blade is pulled from the bottom of the flue to the top using a winch. During this process, the blade spreads the product and ensures that the entire surface is smooth and conducive to air flow. Afterwards, the entire resurfaced area is thoroughly video-scanned by the White Glove professional to check for any voids and ensure that the flue is properly and completely restored. With a HeatShield® resurfacing job, you are protected from moisture, gases and even temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees F.

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