Why Would I Choose Wood?

There’s really nothing like the warmth and soothing crackle of a wood fire. For some people, it’s the only fuel to consider. But aside from the charm and beauty of a real wood fire, what are the benefits?

Wood is a renewable resource and is typically very cost-effective and efficient. It also proves to be an excellent heat source and is relatively cheap and easy to find. Whether you are buying it or bringing out the ax, wood seems to be in constant supply. For this reason, it is a very economical fuel choice.

Although wood does produce carbon dioxide when used as fuel, the amount produced is not anything another tree can’t absorb and turn into oxygen. So, you don’t have to feel like you’re contributing to global warming. However, there are some downsides to using wood for your heating appliance. One downside of wood is that it typically produces more smoke and ash than any other fuel type. That means more creosote buildup which can be a fire hazard if not maintained. Wood is also not as convenient as some of the other fuel choices when it comes to carrying your fuel source from storage to fireplace and getting the fire started. Still, there’s a nostalgic, romantic feeling that is unique to a wood-burning fireplace, insert or stove.

Why White Glove?

When having your wood stove, insert or fireplace installed or serviced, it is important that the service provider understand air movement and catalytic technology and have experience with all styles and installation types. If improperly installed, the productivity of a wood-burning appliance can suffer significantly. When you have your appliance serviced with White Glove, a thorough, Level 2 inspection will be performed to ensure that all areas are clean and working properly (For specific details on a Level 2 inspection, click here).

We at White Glove have extensive experience with and knowledge of wood-burning appliances. We can supply you with all of the knowledge you need to get the most out of your wood-burning appliance and even give you expert advice on firewood choice and usage. We can also provide the maintenance your appliance requires to keep your family warm far into the future. About 80% of wood-burning appliance fires are from improper installations, so make sure that you and your family are protected by having yours installed by a professional.

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Gas is another fuel choice that may suit your preferences and budget. Get the facts about gas when you are considering changes involving a fireplace, stove or insert.