We provide professional gas fireplace and stove repairs!

Although gas stoves and fireplaces require less maintenance than their wood burning counterparts, they still require repairs from time to time. With gas fireplaces, it’s critical that everything is working correctly. Gas fireplaces that have been vented, installed, or maintained incorrectly can cause incomplete combustion in the system. This creates carbon monoxide, which can then leak back into the home. Don’t leave the safety and health of you and your family to chance. If your gas fueled fireplace has any problems, or it’s been a couple years since it’s been cleaned/inspected by a professional, give us a call!

Some common problems that we repair on gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts:


  • Clicking but not lighting
  • Keeps going out
  • Strange odors
  • Different flame color

If you have other problems with your gas fueled fireplace or stove, you can trust our CSIA and NFI-Certified technicians to make sure it’s functioning as safely and efficiently as possible. Enjoy cozy nights without worry by calling us today!

Hear what our customers are saying

If you need a business which is A1 for your fireplace , this is the company for you! I wanted to get a gas fireplace to help reduce the pollution in Butte County. They were professional, caring, expert in their field, helped me get sub-contractors for electric and gas and took away the old fireplace with not one spot on the carpets! Also they also have great follow-up service! They are the best!
Bejay Moore

White Glove is who I used to inspect my own home/wood stove, and also feel confident referring to my friends, family, and customers of mine in Real Estate. As a Real Estate Broker, it is very important for me to have someone to trust that can inspect any type of burning device. Safety first, is why I refer to White Glove.
Tyler Clifford